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It’s never too late to get a beautiful smile
It’s never
too late to get
a beautiful smile
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Nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous oxide (30 minutes)200 zł
Mask50 zł
Adaptation appointment100 zł
Milk tooth filling, small200 zł
Milk tooth filling, medium250 zł
Milk tooth filling, large300 zł
Permanent tooth filling, small300 zł
Permanent tooth filling, medium350 zł
Permanent tooth filling, large400 zł
Temporary glass ionomer fillings250 zł
Amputation treatment150 zł
Permanent filling after pulp amputation250 zł
Milk tooth dressing100 zł
Milk tooth removal150 zł
Milk teeth varnishing150 zł
Mixed (permanent and milk) teeth varnishing150 zł
Dental groove varnishing130 zł
Extended varnishing150 zł
Biotreatment of the pulp (MTA; biodentine)230 zł
Silver nitrate (cost of a single appointment)60 zł